Monday, August 17, 2015

PM Modi's UAE visit - a strategically important area for India and Indians - an account from Zafar Sareshwala

Zafar Sareshwala's column on PM Modi's visit to UAE...the biggest highlight is him visiting the migrant workers' PM has done it so far...

Key Highlights:

  • A PM has visited UAE after 34 years
  • UAE has surplus investment fund of trillion dollars which they are keen to invest in infra projects (as they did in Malaysia and transformed the country)
  • The Sheikhs who controlled the country and the money were impressed by the "New Captain" who meant business...India is the closest investment avenue for them these days and this visit is bound to generated inflow of FDI
  • 2.6 million Indians residing in the UAE. Nobody takes care of these Indians. There are Indian Diasporas across the world but these 2.6 million Indians spread across the Gulf are engaged in labour-intensive industry. No administration or no PM of a country even addresses them. Normally, high net worth individuals are given prominence.
  • But Modi has had a great connect with these people when he visited their camps. This made these labourers from India very happy and euphoric. They now believe that their lot can improve because the PM of their country went to meet them.
  • Modi visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque..resting place of the founder of UAE Sheikh was thronged by Muslims, non Muslims alike...people were chanting "Modi, Modi"...
  • In the visitors' book meant for important dignitaries and heads of the State the PM wrote that 'Peace, harmony are the fundamental and core principles of Islam.'
  • The notion of Modi being anti Muslim is being dispelled slowly and steadily...

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